About Doreen

People from all walks of life come to me to assist them to tap into information they don’t have access to on their own. I am a psychic, which means I can see energy clearly, just by using my psychic ability. My number one goal is to help you create the outcome you desire in your life. I help you find specific answers to your questions, as well as make lasting positive changes. I psychically read people all over the world by phone, instant message, and in person in the Marina Del Rey area. People have said that a psychic reading and healing with me is equal to twenty years of therapy.

Anyone can give you answers, however in my twenty years of doing this work, I have found that even with specific answers, you are still left experiencing the problem that lead you to ask “why” in the first place. My passion is about going beyond any band-aid. I help you discover why you are attracting the experiences you are in your life. I help you to release what you no longer want, causing you to create a different outcome, instantly.

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